What a day

So today started out as any normal day, well, if you call hanging out with Amber Wing, Hayley Smith, Tarah Mikacich and Beck Frangi, normal, than yes it was like any normal day. We headed to Clermont early this morning to film these lovely ladies. The weather was great, the conditions were glassy, all in all a good day. We wrapped up around noon feeling pretty good about the footage we got. Little did I know that later that day I would receive a call from Ms. Wing informing me that she was headed over to Nicola’s and would we like to come. Hell yeah! Up to that point we had not had the privilege of filming with Nicola Butler. We packed up our gear and drove over to Nicola’s around 4pm. The clouds started to roll in and it was a bit windy, nonetheless these two ladies were ready for an evening set and we were ready with cameras in hand. Everything started out just fine. Amber hit the water first showing us her big spins and stylish grabs. A few weeks before that day Amber was the first woman to land a heelside 720, so she wanted to show us.

This is the part of the story that things get interesting.

First Amber tried for a toeside 720 and got it. Then, after a few heelside 720 attempts, Amber booted off the wake and didn’t quite make the last rotation…whipping her entire body, headfirst, into the water, OUCH! At first she seemed fine when she got into the boat, then after Nicolas turn on the water things started to get interesting.

Not to overlook Nicola’s riding. She rode well, trying to capture her toeside 720 on film. Unfortunately, the wake gods were not on our side that day because we were not able to capture Nicola’s 720. I blame the weather.

Ok, back to Amber.

Where was I…Oh yeah, Amber seemed ok, she even drove Nicola’s set. Then when Nicola got back in the boat Amber started to act a little funny. She wasn’t feeling very well and had a headache. When we got back to the dock she kept repeating the same thing over and over. Apparently Amber Wing hates concussions. I know this because she told me…about 50 times, give or take 20.

Amber drove herself to Nicola’s so we decided that one of us should drive her home. On the way back I got a call from Laura telling me that Amber wasn’t doing so well, again with the repeating, from what we gathered she had a bag of going out clothes and couldn’t remember where she was suppose to go. At this point Laura thought it best to take her to the hospital. So that’s what we did.


The rest of the story isn’t that interesting. We just waited with Amber at the hospital and one CAT Scan later we were out of there. At that point it was about 9 pm and we were all a bit hungry so we headed over to Chipolte for a burrito. As Amber was digging through her wallet she came across a Chipotle receipt from lunch. Apparently Amber had lunch there but didn’t remember because of the whole concussion thing.

We waited with Amber at her place til 10:00 pm when someone was able to come over and watch her for a while. We made it home around 10:30 or so exhausted and ready for bed.

What a day!



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