Dallas Friday is Female Wakeboarder of the Year 2009

In a very tight race, Dallas Friday takes the title of Female Wakeboarder of the Year at 2009’s Wake Awards.
Stay tuned as we bring you more insider info from Surf Expo. It’s like being there with the WG crew.



  1. hi

    just wanted to say how proud we all are of ambers achievements n congulations from ALL @ bonneyswaterskipark.com.au

    an awsum job keep it up aussie assie aussie oi oi oi…..

    enjoyed seeing yr parents n joel n susie at the worlds in canada2…

    keep smilin n 720 in ha ha …

    gr8 handle control….n looked gr8 on that big screen too….smokin….

    skiya downunda n worlds mayb this wkd….

    heather bonney

  2. hey dallas

    fantastic to see u again n hope 2 see BEAR agn woof! lol:)

    we must see if we can muster up a good prank on mike to do b4 i go back ha ha ….any ideas?

    in canada at the 3 event worlds…. the jstar oz agent tried 2 pull down his pants on an espn/news interview… was sooo funny 2 watch but didnt succeed shux…mayb this worlds….we could organize an assigned person???? ha ha !!!

    u make it look so easy girl n congrats agn…

    heather bonney

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