Jenna Hatfield – Wins her first competition

We just got word of a young ripper in Memphis, Tennessee who just won her first competition.

Jenna Hatfield is an 11 year old girl who has been shredding for a year and water skiing for three. Her brother has been boarding for two years and got her into the sport. She has been progressing but when Memphis announced its first Wakeboard competition this year, Jenna was unsure if she wanted to compete. Originally she wanted to wait till next year but changed her mind and has been super stoked that she did. She rides a Hyperlite Eden but recently has been digging her brothers Ronix IBEX. Jenna plans to start traveling to more competitions around the southern area next season.

Jenna Hatfield

Jenna Hatfield 2

We here at WakeGirls wish Jenna the best. Keep it up! and good luck next season.



  1. Beth Hanshew says:

    Congrats!!!! I didn't know you competed in wake boarding!!! Now you have me inspired!!! I think i might want to try it sometime now!!! Well, good luck in any other competition that you haven't told me about!!!!

    Your friend,


  2. Jenna Hatfield says:

    Dear Beth,

    Ok, thanks for congratulating me. I will tell you about some up coming compettitions soon!


    Jenna Hatfield

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