Amber Wing in China

Sorry for being a bit slow on posting this. If you didn’t know, Amber Wing is in China at the moment. This past weekend she sent us an email with some pictures to let us know how things were going. Here is what she had to say:

Hey Everyone!!!

I arrived in China on Wednesday night. I flew from Orlando – New York –
Beijing – Hangzhou then caught a bus for an hour to my hotel.
My bags never made it out of New York (thank you Air China)

I had practice on Thursday and semi finals on Friday wearing Harley Clifford
clothes as he rides for Oakley and riding his spare board 134 Watson with a
pair of bindings and vest I borrowed from another girl rider, and Jeff
Weatheralls rope and handle. I made it through to finals.

Finally at 430am on Saturday morning my bags arrived at the hotel, just in
time for finals!!!!

I rode well and won the competition. I am heading to Shanghai for 3 days
where we are touring the city, going to a Water park and visiting Oakley
China. Sunday – Wednesday.

On Wednesday I fly to Liuzhou for the World Cup stop.

China is a very interesting country with Culture. I am really enjoying my
trip and documenting on video, which will be editing and
posting my traveling experience.

I will keep you updated

Thanks for the support



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  1. jen says:

    Congrats to Amber! Solid riding though it sounds like a conspiracy w/ the Semi finals. Your bag was it really missing?….maybe spies had it. They dare to clip the Wing but she shuts them down. -thanks for the updates

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