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Flojos2This past Surf Expo we were fortunate enough to meet up with the people from Flojos. They have been making comfortable, casual beach footwear since 1979.

The Flojos folks waked us through their 2010 lineup, and we got to check out some great styles for men and women. We also got to pick out a pair of sandals, one for Michael and one for me, gratis. We could get used to this kind of treatment! We ended up picking the same style, the Cole III and Colette III, which are the #1 sellers for both men and women. Some of the features of the Cole III/Collette III include arch support, a molded heel, and a nice thick leather strap. The sole offers plenty of traction, which makes it a great sandal for wearing around the wet dock.

Flojos1 We have been wearing these sandals non-stop for over a month! Having never owned a pair of Flojos, we were both pleasantly surprised at how comfy they are. I don’t think my closet would be complete without a pair of Flojos sandals. Living in Florida, sandals are part of our uniform (flower shirts are optional, though). My favorite feature, other than comfort, is the amount of traction they have. Since we do a lot of wakeboarding filming and photography, we are constantly in and out of the water. I don’t worry so much about slipping when I have Flojos on my feet, which is a good thing since we are always carrying around expensive equipment.

We can’t recommend these sandals enough! Not only are they super comfortable, but the leather strap makes them look great with jeans when we are out of the water. The Cole IIIs retail for $35.00 and the Colette IIIs retail for $32.00. These styles, as well as many more, are available direct form www.Flojos.com.



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