OWC is now the official home for Hyperlite Wakeboards and HO Skis!

OWC Group
From Hyperlite:

For the past ten years, OWC has reigned as the premier Cable/Wake Park in the U.S. Located in Orlando, Florida at the epicenter of today’s Wakeboarding scene, OWC is the place to ride.

If you’ve been in the sport of Wakeboarding for more than five years, you’ll know that OWC was originally a Hyperlite stomping ground. HO Sports Company, Inc. and its brands, Hyperlite, HO Skis, Syndicate, Accurate & Byerly Boards, are excited to announce that once again that is the case, and we can say we’re home!

OWC is now the official home for Hyperlite Wakeboards & HO Skis! The scope of this relationship is huge. OWC will serve as our Demo Center, Research & Development Facility, Event Center and more. HO Sports Company, Inc. looks forward to hosting parties on the eve of Surf Expo once again.

For complete details visit us at www.hyperlite.com today!

Hyperlite and its affiliates will provide use of the latest demo gear for all OWC patrons. Hyperlite is the board of choice at OWC and HO will be the ski or wakeski of choice. OWC will have access to our wide array of products from wakeboards, bindings, life jackets, helmets, wakeskates & wakesurfers. HO & Syndicate will supply the latest in water skis and ski bindings, kneeboards as well as the new and exciting wakeskis.

Hyperlite & HO Skis will also play a key role in marketing OWC through its annual campaigns, dealer network and websites. The Hyperlite/HO team will make a presence at the wake park on a regular basis honing their skills on the cable. HO Sports Company, Inc. looks forward to hosting events at OWC adding to its calendar of A-List gatherings like Wake Games and the Pro Tour.

As the Cable/Wake Park phenomenon continues to explode, Hyperlite and HO are happily at home at OWC. With the wide variety of riders available on any given day, OWC is the perfect hotbed to test new products. Look for Hyperlite and HO to expand their product lines to suit the cable medium, taking input from our riders at the park and from our newly formed Hyperlite Cable Team, led by World Champion Nick Davies.

Bill Porter
“Performance is committed to improving the quality of their customers’ time both on and off the water. Having companies who share this same commitment and who are focused on offering watersports enthusiasts the finest equipment and a world class facility to enjoy the sports we love is truly what drives our passion as a business. We truly feel that if we all do our job well, we can improve the quality of our customers’ lives. It’s a lofty goal but one we as a group are striving to achieve. We are excited about what the future holds and the great things to come from this partnership!”

Rene Hofmann
“Needless to say we are very happy having HO and Hyperlite back at OWC. This partnership with HO Sports Company, Inc. will enhance the park for all who enjoy it, whether they are boarding, slalom or wakeskiing, kneeboarding, you name it. OWC is committed to delivering the best experience for our riders and our partnership with HO Sports Company, Inc. will only make that the best it can be.”

Greg Dick
“What can I say? We are all so excited to be home at OWC! Working closely with both OWC and Performance Ski & Surf will not only elevate our brands but push us to continue making the best boards, boots, skates, skis & surfers possible. Our athletes drive us and this partnership will do so even further while bringing great exposure to our brands as well as our new partners. It’s on!”

Nick Davies
“It’s Amazing to have OWC for a Hyperlite training ground for the boat and the cable. OWC is a well known name around the world! Every Cable Park I have been to knows it, which is great! The top riders ride there, making OWC the place to be for the next generation!”

Shaun Murray
“Cable riding has been gaining ground for quite a while now, and with Hyperlite and O-Dub joining forces, it’s going to a new level. Plus, I’m pretty pumped to spend more time there to ride and do more goofy stuff. You know that’s how I roll.”

Josh Palma
“I’m pumped that we have rekindled our partnership with OWC. Aside from spending more time riding at the park and enjoying the new obstacle setup, I’m also looking forward to gaining insight on our product from riders at OWC who are on Hyperlite gear.”



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