F-Stop Academy 7D Training DVD

Every now and then something comes to my attention that I feel others should know about. Recently, a new kind of camera has entered the market that has revolutionized film making. Video DSLR’s have made it really inexpensive to achieve the shallow depth of field that we all love. Since these cameras are fairly new, and do have some limitations, like rolling shutter and capturing quality sound, some people were unsure where to turn for advice. There is a lot of information online, and it is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by all of it.
One of my favorite websites for film equipment and technique info is PhilipBloom.co.uk for the in depth reviews and wealth of film knowledge. Recently Philip’s F-Stop Academy released a training DVD for the Canon 7D, a video DSLR that is taking the industry by storm. We finally got our hands on a copy of this DVD and all I can say is WOW! The DVD is packed full of useful information not only on how to use the 7D, but on the best gear to have when shooting with a Video DSLR. I can’t recommend this DVD enough; I have already watched it twice and each time I learned something new. Philip is great at explaining information in a way that both a novice and expert can understand and find useful. If you are interested in learning about Video DSLR’s and how to use the Canon 7D, check out Philip Bloom’s shop and purchase your copy of a training DVD today.



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