Best of ’09 – A Year for Women in Wake

I can’t believe that another year has gone by. It seems that a few weeks ago it was April, and we had just launched this site. I think it was fate that brought us to launch in 2009, which has turned out to be the best year for women’s wakeboarding and wakeskating so far. Like any other sport, women’s wake sports go through cycles: one year, women are the talk of the town and everyone is pumped about them, and the next year, women are fighting tooth and nail to get recognition. I really feel that this time it is different. Women have accomplished so much and are pushing the sport so hard, I see us riding this wave of firsts for many years to come. Some of our favorite highlights from 2009 include:

It seems crazy that all of these things have happened in just one year (actually, most of these took place over the Summer!). I am grateful for the fact that WakeGirls has been here to document and track most of these milestones, and we are looking forward to what the girls will bring in 2010. We are already planning clinics and WakeGirls sessions, as well as our online video competition, Wake Idol. Thanks for being here with us every step of the way!!!

— The WakeGirls Team

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  1. Laura, my teen daughter is an aspiring wakegirl…any chance I can repost this on my nonprofit at (we cover media and marketing's impact on kids, and athletics are a huge positive focal point in 'yes we can' mode!) Lemme know. Great post…Hoping to do a round-up of WTS finds…so if you have any teen/younger personal picks, give me a heads up too, ok?

  2. WG Laura says:

    Amy, go ahead and repost! We are all about getting the word out. I hope your daughter enjoys our website! If you guys are ever in the Orlando area and would like suggestions on where to ride or who to ride with, let me know!

  3. Becky says:

    This is awesome! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for us! Keep rockin' it girls!!

  4. flavia says:

    good luck for us…… a year for wakenoard, fun, contest….. lets rock……awesome :)

    cant wait to a new tricks……

    so see u girls in the water…

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