The Workout – Circuit 2

This workout targets your arms. Welcome to the gun show!

1. You will need a BOSU ball, which is one half of a stability ball. Your gym should have a few. Find your sweet spot on the BOSU. Do a standard bicep curl: hold dumbbells with arms straight down, hands facing forward, and curl your arms. Repeat. If you don’t have access to a BOSU, you can do standard bicep curls instead.

2. Using a machine, chair, or bench, do tricep dips.

3. Now do 20 lunges. Lunge forward holding a medicine ball and add a twist in the direction of your front leg. For example, when you lunge with your right leg, twist your upper body to the right.

4. Stand on the BOSU again. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Do a standard bicep curl. Once you curl your arms, push straight up and turn your hands so that your palms face away from you.

5. Do 1 minute of mountain climbers. Get in a standard push-up position and alternate bringing your right leg in so your foot is even with your left knee. Switch legs without stopping in between.



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