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Spring is here and for girls everywhere, that means swimsuit season is upon us. But if you’re a WakeGirl, it means it’s time to prepare for more than just looking good on the boat… you want to look and feel good behind the boat. Pre-season training is so vital for reaching your wakeboarding goals, and perhaps more importantly, to avoid injuries that can seriously slow down or even end your riding time this summer.

There are a number of things you can do to get yourself wakeboard-ready. But if you are lucky enough to live in Northern California, you could join the group of girls who are taking part in the Wakeboard Fitness/Trampoline Training Bootcamp put on by Isaac Gredinburg of Fitness Synergetics and CWB Faction Team Rider Jason Callen. Every Saturday in the month of April, San Jose area board shop The Liquid Playground will host this one of a kind training event. Here’s an inside look at what these WakeGirls have signed up for:

Each bootcamp begins with a series of stretches – from head to toe, stretching should begin every work out and every wakeboard set. Isaac then puts everyone through several sets of wakeboard-specific exercises. All major muscle groups are worked in ways that mimic many of the moves made on the water – like weighted handle passes and hopping squats.

There’s also very unique exercises that Isaac has developed to break up the monotony of the average workout – like the ropes and some hard core crunches.

Then each trainee gets their turn on the trampoline. Trampoline training is such a fantastic way to develop your air awareness and to perfect body and handle position before taking a move out on the water. For many, it’s also a great way to get past the fear of going upside down. Jason has everyone work on proper technique doing basic jumps, but also gives each person a customized lesson on whatever they may be wanting to learn.

Seeing so many women at this event is an indicator of just how serious ladies are about taking their riding to the next level. Jaime Hartford from the Bay area just started riding last season, but is definitely hooked. She’s sure being in shape prior to the start of the season will help her with controlling the board and giving her more confidence. “It will be fun to not have to think about anything but flying on the water.”

Riders like Lisa Hunt and Hillary Steinmetz, both from San Jose, say working out is a regular part of their lifestyles, and have already been working with their own personal trainers. No doubt both these ladies will be in top form when they start working on their goals – for Lisa that’s clearing the wake, for Hillary it’s landing a tantrum.

Michelle Gredinburg of San Jose is lucky to have her personal trainer right at home – she’s married to Isaac. Last year Michelle started the season with no preparation, and her stamina just wasn’t there. “It was frustrating because my mind wanted to do more than my body would do. My arms would get tired, my legs would get tired.” Besides this bootcamp, Michelle is training with Isaac 2 to 3 times a week to build up her endurance.

Lindsey Sloatman from Sacramento already does yoga for flexibility and free weights to strengthen her core, but is always looking for new things to spice up her workouts. For her, this bootcamp is also a great way to network, to meet others who are as passionate about wakeboarding as she is.

“We were really surprised at how well it took off,” said Isaac, who has already booked another two Bootcamps for May and June that will also include a behind the boat lesson. “It started out as a way to get people ready for the season… it’s a great combo to have Jason’s coaching and my fitness training. Then I saw that people were exchanging numbers so they could go ride together, and we’ve got two girls we never knew before coming out on the boat with us this weekend. I’ve had shops and riders in Southern California asking us to come down and put on a Bootcamp for them. Bringing people together is the best part of this for me.”

If you want more information about this Wake Fitness/Trampoline Training Bootcamp, check out their website at WakeFitnessBootcamp.com.


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  1. Lindsey Sloatman says:

    Awesome article Evelyn! Thanks for putting it together. It was great to see so many women out at this event and I hope to see attendance at other events pick up as well! Hope to see you all on the water this season!!!

    This bootcamp was amazing and I feel like I'm in the best preseason shape I've ever been in!

    Thanks goes to Isaac, Jason and Austin at Liquid Playground (for hosting)!

    You guys ROCK!

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