Spotlight on Own2Hands’ Justin Candelora

You could call him the Masseur to the Stars. His healing hands have worked on the sore muscles of Wakeboarding’s elite athletes. However, Justin Candelora, of Own2Hands, is not one to knead and tell. In fact, he was very coy when I asked him to name names. Suffice to say that, if it’s good enough for Amber Wing (and Dallas Friday, and Hayley Smith, and almost all of the Pro Women), it is good enough for me.

Justin got his calling at the age of five. There was a massage therapist that lived across the street from him, and he used to go over and massage the knots out of her neck. The first time Justin did this, his neighbor came over afterwards and told Justin’s mom “Make SURE he becomes a massage therapist.” You can say that he has the magic touch.

As an athlete himself, Justin saw a need for sports massage. He claims that “we all break down the same way, athletes just do it a lot faster and with a lot more trauma.” He is trying to integrate the benefits of therapeutic massage into the world of sports. The goal of regular sports massage is to make the body move with less effort, remove adhesions and increase the range of motion.

A lot of sports injuries may be prevented with the proper sports massage techniques. Justin mentions that a lot of the pro women understand the importance of taking care of their bodies, and he’s trying to get through to the pro men the fact that stretching and massage has to become part of their regimen in order to prevent certain types of injuries.

Even non-athletes can benefit from sports massage. As Justin says, “Life’s a sport. Don’t play hurt.” As a desk jockey, I can attest that his healing hands work wonders on us common folk! To book an appointment, call Justin at 407-616-4756 or visit his website. You will be glad you did.



  1. Hayley Smith says:

    I could never explain how happy I am to have been introduced to Justin. From bulging discs , to ribs, knees, ankles, neck and simply messed up tight muscles from wakeboarding. Justin has helped to get me back on the water too many times to count, and even worked on me at competitions!



  2. Amber Murphy says:

    As one of Justin's fellow classmates, I can attest to his skill and have been honored and thrilled to be a witness to his success and growth as a therapist. His encouragement cannot be understated. This is a person who cares and isn't afraid to give a little tough love whether you like it or not! (this is a good thing, I assure you)

    If you are a local athlete and are reading this, I strongly encourage you to book with this gem, ESPECIALLY if you feel like you don't need it. You may be pleasantly surprised by the experience!

    Amber Murphy, LMT, Certified SRI Wellness Educator

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