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Since getting back to Orlando from Knoxville our house has been flat out with Amber’s boat running over time with juniors, amateurs, veterans and pro riders coming to ride behind the Supra. Then of course the ladies of the house getting our sets in, focusing on new tricks and linking together our contests passes!

Bec has been riding really strong and is looking confident on her board adding a roll to blind to her bag of tricks, which includes a tootsie roll, ts and hs 540, ts and hs backside 180’s. If Bec keeps everything together she will defiantly be a solid contestant in pro women!

After the latest Pro Tour win Amber is determined to throw down even harder this weekend, with the possibility of having Whirly, Moby dick, Pete Rose, hs 540 and and ts 720 in her pass! ridiculous! When Amber is ON this is what she can confidently bang out free riding!

I have hopes of getting down the new tricks I have learnt this year, with a mix of glides, front side and back side spins, front flip and a toes side back side 360 which is the newest trick in my bag.

We all have some work cut out for us to keep progressing throughout the heats with Nicola, Raimi, Emily, Melissa and Anna all doing their own thing and making it hard for the rest of the field. The woman’s division is looking really healthy with a lot of competition as this is the last contest of the year every single one of us is going to focused with their mind set on having a good final performance and push for a podium position.

Watch out ladies, the Aussies girls are here!!! hehehe



  1. jen says:

    Yeah Got WWA Worlds Fever! will we see a "Worlds" this is my life vid from you and Amber?

  2. Hayley Smith says:

    Probably not, only because we are focusing on riding. That's why the crew is there getting all the quality footage!

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