Snow and Wake Bulgaria Girls Camp

Sunday 29th August saw the start of the first Girls wakeboard camp at Snow and Wake with guest coach and SWB sponsored rider Charlotte Bryant. Fresh from success of the gold medal kind at the European championships in Sweden Charlotte was pumped for what promised to be an awesome week of riding, fun and general frolics with the chicks!

The girls arrived keen and eager, champing at the bit to get out on the beautiful waters of Lake Iskar. Over the week we had huge progress from everyone working on edging drills, wake jumps, 180’s, and switch riding in order to build a solid foundation for their future riding. Mille held the title of queen of the board slide while Shelley’s style developed leaps and bounds. Becky, predominantly a cable rider, embraced the boat and was riding around switch like it was second nature. Karen showed steady improvement throughout the week and really gained confidence, showing the board who was the boss!

No Snow and Wake camp would be complete without a rest day. A chance to give those aching muscles a well earned rest, and also to explore the local area and get a feel for what Bulgaria is all about. After a late morning massage the girls headed up into the mountains with Matt for an off road guided jeep tour of Borovets ski resort. Faced with the chance to get behind the wheel themselves Karen, our resident pilot, took it all in her stride along with Becky who also did a great job despite getting a bit ‘excited’ at times!!!

As well as riding the boat we wanted to give the girls the chance to experience the other sides of board sports on water – cue the wake skate and wake surf! None of the girls had ridden skate or surf before but all rose to the challenge and once the deep water start was mastered they were slashing around like old pros. Later on in the week we also got the jet ski out for some two’s up coaching sessions. As well as being invaluable from a coaching point of view it is also great fun to be out back with one of your buddies .

To sum up the first ever Snow and Wake Bulgaria Girl camp I can say that it was an awesome week of riding, hot tub cocktail nights, monkey bikes, jeep tours, LARGE vodkas and ‘relaxing’ massages and at the end of it all there definitely wasn’t an angry bird in sight!!

I’d like to give a few shout outs to say thanks for making this happen. First of all to Matt at Snow and Wake for entertaining my idea and making it possible, also to Ultra Sport and Billabong for their sponsorship, and to Charlotte for all her valuable coaching advice which undoubtedly helped and inspired the girls to take their riding to the next level.

Until next year…..Snow and Wake Girls camp 2010…… Manned up – POW!



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