Cable How Tos – Episode 1

Cable How Tos is a brand new webisodic series hosted by Tarah Benzel Mikacich that teaches you how to ride the cable. Each episode will bring you one step closer to learning the tricks you have always wanted to learn on the cable. Now sit back relax and enjoy.



  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE your site and all of the awesome female-centered information you provide but this video is really weak. Having been a noob at the park, this video was less than helpful. When telling a new person how to get up on the cable, you offer "keep your knees bent with the board ahead of you, the handle right near your hips, and shoulders back, and then you just slide right off."

    If someone followed those instructions verbatim they would face plant right outta the gate. No mention of the way the cable will pull you, which way to point your board, etc.? I have heard amazing things about the coaches at OWC and I am sure in person this is true, but this video leaves a lot to the imagination.

    I look forward to seeing more detailed "how-to's" in the future!

    Still a faithful follower. :)

  2. Brianna Jack says:

    that is what you're supposed to do…Tarah's an amazing coach!:)

  3. Karen says:

    Great idea and a great way to support the ladies!

    Pleeeease can you come to the UK and do some coaching clinics? That would be so awesome!

  4. Tarah's biggest says:

    I agree with ms. jack!!!(: this is how you're suppose to do it… if someone followed this they would definitely NOT face plant right outta of the gate..Tarah is an awesome coach!! and Brianna Jack is the coolest person ever!!!(:

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