Jen GilanFarr Signs With The Liquid Playground

Go get’em girl!!!!

A few days before the WWA World Championships took place in Indianapolis, IN, The Liquid Playground signed the then 3-time World Champion Women’s Wakeskater Jen GilanFarr to their team making her the third female to join the LP crew. Just days after signing, Jen went on to win her fourth World Championship Title, proudly displaying the LP and her other sponsors atop the podium in the first place spot! Weeks later with footage in hand, Jen successfully landed her first varial flip making her the first female to stomp that trick and making The Liquid Playground all the more proud to be backing such a talented female in the sport.

“I’ve always been stoked to see females ride when we are on the water whether it is behind a boat, a ski or a winch” says The Liquid Playground’s owner Austin Watts. “I was even more excited when Jen decided to join my team; not only does she rip on a wakeskate but her attitude, her skill, and her love and passion towards the sport makes it all the more exciting. I can’t wait for my female friends and customers to see her ride.” Jen is one of the biggest Ambassador’s of women’s wakeskating, throwing Girls Ride Days & Clinics these past few years and helped build & operate, a global site focused on the progression of women’s wake.

“Jen is an all-around rider,” says Watts “and kills it not only behind the boat, but also the ski, on rails, riding the cable AND behind a winch. Pushing her Signature Model Integrity board which Jen personally designed in 2009 and 2011 proudly displaying a picture of her grandmother who is clearly an inspiration to her – makes me all the more excited that she signed. “Talented on and off the water, Jen is an accomplished graphic artist and loves each of her roles as a professional at work and a wake skate pro on the water.

With Jen’s support, The Liquid Playground continues to support the progression of female wake athletes by being a sponsor of the Girls Ride the Wake event, making it a point to have separate all-female boats at each demo day, and pushing for more female only wake events as the sport continues to grow. “I’m ecstatic on working with Jenny and my other female riders to push women’s wake to the next level through girl’s events & clinics this upcoming season” says Austin.

“I met Austin and his crew a few years back at Nor Cal Convergence, one of my favorite events of the year that the The Liquid Playground now hosts” Jen said. “I love how Austin pours his heart into the sport through his shop, gallery nights, video premiers and various events showcasing wake; I am really excited to be part of that!”

Look out for Jen’s part in the upcoming Integrity team video ‘Ride Among Us’, which will be premiered at The Liquid Playground this winter and available online as well for you to pick up.

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