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I am offering a weekend of wakeboard lessons!! As many of you know I decided to take a back seat for awhile from coaching and be a full time stay at home mom. But, for one weekend only I will be back on the water!

On the weekend of December 10th and 11th from 8am-5pm I am offering lessons every hour for $120/hour. There is a bit of a twist though.

I will be donating the money rasied.

My very dear friend, Corrine, is in the process of adopting a precious baby boy from Ethiopia. Corrine started her journey to motherhood through this process about a year ago. She has been to Ethiopia for her first court date and he is legally hers in Ethiopia. She is now waiting for the U.S. Embassy to approve his citizenship and allow her 7 month old to come home with her for good.

At the moment however the U.S. is trying to decrease the amount of adoptions coming form Ethiopia and because her son was abandoned his type of case is the easiest to stall. They have no guaranteed time frame but are telling her to expect 6 months.

Corrine will be returning to Ethiopia to be with her son and help in the care center he is currently at! To read more of her story go to Wheels-up.tumblr.com. It is well worth your time!

Corrine has funded the very expensive journey so far but never anticipated picking up her life and living in Ethiopia for as long as it takes. I would like to help ease her financial burden just a bit.

My goal is to raise 1 month living expenses for her! I need your help!

How can you help?!?!

Sign up for a lesson! Sign up a friend! Share a lesson with a friend! Give a early Christmas present. If you have never wakeboarded before this is the perfect opportuity to learn. I would normally charge $120/hour so you are getting exactly what you are paying for but you can know the money is going to make a significant difference in someone’s life.

I will be teaching in Clermont so for many of you it will be like just like old times! I cant wait to share my passion for coaching and wakeboarding with you.

I can’t wait to see you on the water!

To book a lesson call or email me at:

If you can’t or are not interested in taking a lesson but feel moved to help please let me know! Anything you can do matters!

Thank you for supporting me in this!

Lauren Harf-Loveless



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