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  • Girls Ride The Wake 2014

    Girls Ride The Wake 2014

      GRTW is a great event that happens every year out in California on the Delta. If you missed this years then you’re going to want to check it out next year. Here’s the press release from this years event. Better Than Ever – 6th Annual Girls Ride The Wake Goes Off In The California Delta Lodi, California, July 21, 2014 – What has become the most anticipated event of the year for women wakeboarders on the west coast has […]

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  • Taiwan Wake 4 Girls

    Taiwan Wake 4 Girls

    Thank you to Hunter Lin for sending us this video all the way from Taiwan. Enjoy!

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  • Girls Ride The Wake 2013

    Girls Ride The Wake 2013

    The 5th year of Girls Ride The Wake was the best yet, as 51 girls from 4 states descended on the California Delta. Ripping chicks, ages 8 to 48, came together to shred in style, towed by FIVE G23s provided by Nautique and Superior Boats. As you can see from the video and pics, this one of a kind event just keeps getting better. If you missed it this year, check out girlsridethewake.org for info. Thanks to this years sponsors […]

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  • Sets in Motion, Episode 10 – Orlando

    Sets in Motion, Episode 10 – Orlando

    In this episode of Sets In Motion, the featured athletes Jen Gilenfar, Cassandra Scott, Melissa Marquardt, Raimi Merritt, Hayley Smith , Meagan Ethell, Tarah Mikacich, and Amber Wing spent some time behind the camera in Orlando Florida with the Wakegirls crew. With a handful of wakeboardings top athletes and some ripping new up and coming girls on the water.

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  • Sets in Motion Episode 8: Oakley Wake

    Sets in Motion Episode 8: Oakley Wake

    In the new episode of the ground-breaking women’s wakeboard series, “Sets In Motion,” the Oakley wake team come together to have some fun and do some riding in the wakeboard capitol of the world: Orlando, Fla. Using super slow-mo footage to fully showcase the technicality of the riding, the viewer gets a great understanding of just how talented these women are. Team riders Nicola Butler from South Africa, and Australians Bec Gange and Amber Wing show some technical moves while […]

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  • Sets in Motion: Episode 6, Malibu Team

    Sets in Motion: Episode 6, Malibu Team

    The Malibu team trip takes place each year at Lake Santeelah in North Carolina. It’s an opportunity to get the entire time team together to ride, and also have a first look at the product line for the following year. With different schedules all season, it’s not often that Dallas Friday, Tarah Mikacich and Amber Wing get to spend time riding with each other. In this episode of “Sets In Motion,” we get a peek into that week of riding, […]

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  • Sets in Motion: Episode 5 – Australia

    Sets in Motion: Episode 5 – Australia

    In Episode 5, Oakley team riders Amber Wing and Nicola Butler meet up with Melissa Marquardt and Jen GilanFarr to road trip through Australia. From Amber’s house in Sydney to Bec Gange’s house in Mildura, stopping to ride along the way and spending a few solid days at Bec’s on the Murray River. Enjoy this look at their adventures.

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  • Sets in Motion: Intro

    Sets in Motion: Intro

    The motives are not modest: Sets In Motion will be the most progressive women’s wakeboard project the sport has ever seen. The project isn’t to promote any one brand or any one athlete — it’s meant to showcase the best that these world-class female athletes have to offer. Theoutcome, as you will see, is an all-female, multi-media project, filmed at locations around the globe, with the best women’s wakeboarders exceeding even their own limits — both on and off the […]

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  • Lily Mcbride’s Girls Weekend

    Lily Mcbride’s Girls Weekend

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