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  • Morning Shred – Hayley

    Morning Shred – Hayley

    Here is Part II of Morning Shred featuring Hayley Smith. Hayley is always fun to be around. She has a bubbly personality which makes her a blast to hang out with. Oh, and by the way her riding is pretty awesome too! Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself. Part III with Nicola Butler still to come…

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  • Morning Shred – Amber Wing

    Morning Shred – Amber Wing

    With the season rapidly approaching, we decided to go back and look through our old footage and put together another three part series. This first video features Amber Wing and you can tell how pumped she is to be riding. Keep a lookout for Parts II and III, featuring Hayley Smith and Nicola Butler.

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  • 7 Year Old Zahra Kell Lands Toeside Front Roll

    Thanks to Hayley Smith for the link. Congratulations to Zahra Kell, who became the youngest girl to land an invert when she stuck her toeside front roll. Can’t wait to see more from this grommet!

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  • Oakley Wakeboarders Amber Wing and Nicola Butler Charge Into Australia

    Oakley Wakeboarders Amber Wing and Nicola Butler Charge Into Australia

    Oakley Wakeboard Rippers Amber Wing and Nicola Butler charged into Australia to ride and tour the Gold Coast. Mixed in with some free-riding, cable park tours and The Australian Zoo. You can see more on Oakley’s Website

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  • Evelyn Nelson

    Just got this great Hyperlite video of WakeGirls’ own Evelyn Nelson. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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  • Sun Rise Light Flies

    Sun Rise Light Flies

    Tracy has really been pushing herself through the winter, riding as much as possible. We had the chance to spend the day with her while she was in Orlando getting her train on.

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  • Winter Wakeboarding

    Winter Wakeboarding

    Who said the cold British winter meant you couldn’t go wakeboarding? The UK girls show how tough they really are in this video featuring Jules Haley, Sarah Kingdom, Laura Christian and Kirsteen Mitchell.

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  • Anna Hajek

    Anna Hajek

    A couple weeks ago we headed out to Clermont to film with Amber, Nicola, Hayley and Anna. It was another great morning, weather was perfect and everyone’s riding was sick. Anna has been ridding really well this year and this morning was no different, she even through down a backside 5. Check it out!

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  • Supra Taylor

    Supra Taylor

    Before Worlds we had the chance to take a quick set with Taylor McCullough behind the Supra Launch 24 V Worlds Edition. Taylor has been riding really well lately and is coming up quickly through the ranks.

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