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  • Sets in Motion, Episode 10 – Orlando

    Sets in Motion, Episode 10 – Orlando

    In this episode of Sets In Motion, the featured athletes Jen Gilenfar, Cassandra Scott, Melissa Marquardt, Raimi Merritt, Hayley Smith , Meagan Ethell, Tarah Mikacich, and Amber Wing spent some time behind the camera in Orlando Florida with the Wakegirls crew. With a handful of wakeboardings top athletes and some ripping new up and coming girls on the water.

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  • Sets in Motion: Episode 6, Malibu Team

    Sets in Motion: Episode 6, Malibu Team

    The Malibu team trip takes place each year at Lake Santeelah in North Carolina. It’s an opportunity to get the entire time team together to ride, and also have a first look at the product line for the following year. With different schedules all season, it’s not often that Dallas Friday, Tarah Mikacich and Amber Wing get to spend time riding with each other. In this episode of “Sets In Motion,” we get a peek into that week of riding, […]

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  • Raimi Merritt Wins 2013 Master’s

    The 54th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament® at Callaway Gardens brought five new Masters Champions including Women’s Trick champion Iris Cambray, Men’s Trick champion Aliasksei Zharnasek, Women’s Jump champion Jacinta Carroll, Wakeskate champion Brian Grubb and Women’s Wakeboard champion Raimi Merritt plus a new course record in Women’s Slalom pulled by the Ski Nautique 200. The Women’s wakeboarding finals was insane, everyone rode really well, but it was Team Nautique rider Raimi Merritt who prevailed with two stand up […]

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  • Honu 2013 Line

    Check out Tarah Mikacich, Brianne Dodd, and Ryan Dodd talking about the new 2013 Honus.

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  • 2012 Nautique WakeGames Pro Women’s Qualifying

    Here’s our video of the 2012 Nautique WakeGames Pro Women’s qualifiers featuring Amber Wing, Raimi Merritt, Tarah Mikacich, Melissa Marquardt, Nicola Butler, Taylor McCullough, Meagan Ethell, Abby Delgoffe, Ashley Leugner, Corrie Dyer, Dallas Friday, Miku Asai, and Alexa Score. Stay tuned for more videos from the event!

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  • Tarah Mikacich to Join Fireball Run

    Tarah Mikacich to Join Fireball Run

    FIREBALL RUN is proud to announce Professional Wakeboard Champion Tarah Benzel Mikacich will be joining the 2012 Fireball Run Adventurally; Northern Exposure as a member of one of this year’s Celebrity Teams. FIREBALL RUN is an opportunity for strong role models and their supporting brands to engage fans at live events as well as through social media. Due to the signature cause, raising awareness for missing and exploited children, FIREBALL RUN and the Race to Recover America’s Missing Children has […]

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